Indiana Cousins, Tye Edwards and Katie Hooten discuss stories and irritations while living in LA.
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Jun 30, 2016

Summer is here so who’s ready to “Bust a Block?” In Episode 11: BLOCKBUSTERS! Tye and Katie welcome Writer/Director Cory Edwards to the show- one of the biggest movie nerds we know! In this episode no topic could be hotter than cryptic discussions of Game of Thrones, Katie’s new job she can’t talk about, and Cory's excitement for the Starbucks App! Then irritations run amuck where Cory shames some Facebook users, Katie deals with "not-so-humble brags", and Tye has a showdown with a falling tree limb that he thought was a raccoon. Next Katie coins the phrase “Hump the Shark," as Cory lights up the Who’d Ya See segment English-style, followed by another fun segment of Cool or Sad. And finally we get down to the nitty gritty where we we talk all things Movies, Cory shares why he’s headed to Canada, and tells us about a Star Wars screening gone awry!  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @themobpod #blockbusters #got #starbucks #starwars #humptheshark #comedy #podcast

May 5, 2016

Is it illegal to “flip-off” a Cop? Well, you’ll find out in Episode 10: RULES! where Tye and Katie discuss HOW to break ‘em, and WHO enforces ‘em! In this episode we uncover unspoken elevator and wedding gift rules, then move on to Hot Topics, where Tye has Birthday issues and Prince was laid to rest. We're also visited by Katie’s little creations, Josie (8) and Eva (13),  who discuss dumb rules at water parks, karaoke potty breaks, and Unicorns pooping M&M's. Finally Katie’s year-long dream of having a Real-Life Cop on the show comes true, where our main guest, and LAPD officer, David Marroquin joins us! In this "No Holds Barred" interview, we get down and dirty with David discussing everything from his hot wool uniform, to giving tickets to jerks, to asking the tough question, "Do Cops really care about Marijuana anymore?" And by the end of the episode you’ll be well versed on the term “breaking leather” and finally know what it’s really like to get pepper-sprayed. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @themobpod #rules #lapd #cops #unicorns #prince #breakingleather #comedy #podcast

Mar 16, 2016

It’s been forever, dear MOBPODDERS! Much like Game of Thrones, we took a hiatus to do all of the monumental CG and visual effects that this podcast requires. And now Tye & Katie are back with Episode 9: NERDS! where we interview a few of our favorite nerds and discuss their nerdcraft. Filmmaker Todd Edwards drops in for a spine tingling “Who’d Ya See” segment (spoiler- there’s not one, but TWO sightings of TITANIC proportions). Tye and Katie talk Subway ad fails and Tsunami Ghost Passengers (it’s a thing!) amidst interruptions by a very rude Time Warner robot who needs to fix Katie’s internet already! And (nerd schwing!) our main man of the hour Mr. Ken Saba of Disney Imagineering discusses his nerd wizardry on the updated Star Tours ride at Disneyland. Holy Force Awakens! What starts with coffee ends with double screwdrivers as we grandly salute nerds everywhere for continuing to create obsession-worthy entertainment escapes. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @themobpod #nerds #starwars #imagineering #disneyland #ghostpassengers #nerdschwing